The right amount of chaos


I read and interesting interview in the International herald Tribune during dinner. An American executive working in the TV sector was asked about the balance between management and creativity. ‘Creativity is scary and messy’, she argues in the interview, but you cannot do without it. The point is to allow for the right amount of chaos to be part of your management environment which is made by plans, teams, risks management, communication, quality controls. This will allow the more creative people to feel free and not trapped by  management tools. They can therefore be free and create. Their ideas will at some point become projects and tasks that will be managed to deliver products and benefit the business.  It is important to know the people you work with well and provide each of the team members with the space they need and feel comfortable with. It is also important to allow the right amount of chaos to be part of the way of working. This requires balancing acts that confirm the old Romans say in medium stat virtus.

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