The elusive search for a knowledge to policy framework

Last week I published a blog on Research2Action where I discuss whether a Knowledge-to-Policy framework to better inform  policies actually exists.

\’Knowledge to policy (K2P) is a popular term to describe the way research and other types of knowledge inform policy-making. K2P processes and systems aim to support decision-makers to create good policies that make a difference to people’s lives.

The K2P sector includes knowledge producers (such as policy research institutes or think tanks), organisations that use knowledge (such as government ministries and line agencies), and those working in the space between (such as advocacy groups or policy analysts).

Recently, I’ve heard more and more people in the sector talking about the need for a ‘K2P framework’.

While it’s tempting to look for an all-encompassing framework, this is an elusive search. Even if we do find or develop one, it would be so complex and unwieldy that it would surely be unusable.\’

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