List of Projects

Since 2018, our portfolio of projects has been built upon our commitment to adaptive development and policy innovation, addressing social development challenges for the most vulnerable communities. We have conducted in-depth political economy analyses, facilitated the design of transformative change strategies, and developed robust monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) systems that support adaptive development. Through these experiences, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to collaborate effectively with diverse partners and tailor our support and advice to specific contexts and needs.

Rwanda, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, the Philippines

2021 - 2014

As Strategic Learning Lead, we are part of the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) team within the BRAC International‘s Ultra Poor Graduation Initiative (UPGI). UPGI is implemented in six countries: Rwanda, South Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, two states in India, and the Philippines. In collaboration with government stakeholders, UPGI’s primary objective is to scale and adapt the Graduation approach to develop a holistic approach to government-led poverty reduction. Our primary responsibility is to provide technical guidance and expertise for developing the program’s Strategic Learning component. This encompasses the design of the MEL system, the facilitation of strategy design and sensemaking discussions with the country teams.

Funder: Ted Foundation Audacious Project


2022 - 2023

As Senior Research, we are part of the team conducting research on the EdTech innovation ecosystem in Bangladesh. The objective is to seek to comprehend the systemic dynamics and behavioural patterns that promote or hinder the growth and scaling of EdTech innovations in the country. This research is undertaken as part of the EdTech Hub and involves partnerships with HundrED in Finland and a2i – Aspire to Innovate in Bangladesh.

Funders: FCDO, World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Vietnam and Tanzania

2022 - 2023

We led the design and implementation of the MEL system of the action research project called Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Adolescents Tanzania and Viet Nam. The MEL system we developed helped to track the progress of the project, identifying areas for improvement, and providing insights to inform decision-making and adaptation. We facilitated the development of the project theory of change to clearly outline the relationship between the project’s activities and the desired outcomes. Additionally, we created a  results framework that focused on measuring the project’s impact on uptake of research insights, policy commitments, and public awareness. Finally, we established a tracking log to monitor mentions of the project’s work and publications in seminars, conferences, and other public forums.

Photo credit: Lê Lâm on Unsplash


Led the design and implementation of an Outcome Harvesting exercise to assess the contribution of the KIAT programme to the strengthening of the quality of infrastructure investment enabling environment in Indonesia (Funder: DFAT) 

2022/23 - Country

Led the review of the planning, monitoring, and learning system of Fingo, the umbrella organisation of Finnish international cooperation development NGOs (Funder: Fingo)

2021/22 - Country

It continued to support and provide technical advice to develop the Outcome Harvesting part of the MEL system of the EdTech Hub programme. Team member for designing a research proposal on EdTech systems in LMICs as part of the programme’s research portfolio. Led the design and facilitation of a sensemaking workshop with the programme team and external stakeholders to inform the research design (Funder: FCDO)

Led the design and co-facilitation of a portfolio sensemaking workshop to support programming and strategic decisions by the team of the SPARC programme (Funder: FCDO)

Led the design and implementation of the MEL system (esp. the Learning component) and the portfolio sensemaking protocol of the Najahkom youth employment programme in Jordan which is led by Plan International (Funder: Novo Nordisk Fonden)

2021 - Country

Co-author with Luca Gatti and Nora Bateson of a note on Monitoring & Evaluation of Portfolios of Development Options (Funder: UNDP Regional Office Istanbul)

2021 - Country

Led the design of a sectoral political economy analysis including the design and implementation of a Portfolio Sensemaking of the GIZ International Services programmes in Afghanistan (Funder: GIZ International Services)

2020/22 - Country

Learning lead for the co-design and testing of the MEL systems of the Strengthening the Use of Evidence for Development Impact programme. Worked with the Sustainable Development Policy Institute in Islamabad to design and testing of a Portfolio Sensemaking Protocol to strengthen programme coherence and inform strategic decisions (Funder: FCDO)

Leading the design and implementation of the MEL system of the Addressing the mental health needs of adolescents Tanzania and Viet Nam project. Set up of the MEL tools and processes, programme theory of change and results framework. (Funder: Fondàtion Botnar)

Led the review of the programme logframe and the design of a Portfolio Sensemaking of the programme (Funder: FCDO)

2019/21 - Country

Led the design of the EdTech Hub programme MEL system, including the programme theory of change and results framework. Also led the design of the political economy analysis framework of evidence uptake of the programme and a 10 country case studies on the impact of COVID-19 on education systems (Funder: FCDO)

Led ODI’s team for a feasibility study for the Swedish International Development Agency on the status of research and higher education in Somalia in collaboration with a national think tank. (Funder: SIDA)

Led ODI’s team for a political economy analysis of the evidence systems in three policy areas: education and employment, child labor, economic policy and planning in Pakistan. The study has been conducted in collaboration with three national think tanks and is part of the initial phase of FCDO’s Strengthening the Use of Evidence for Development Impact (SEDI) project (Funder: FCDO) 

2019 - Country

Led revision of the feasibility study concept and report for the Forest Programme V – Support to Social Forestry in Indonesia funded by BMZ and KfW. Study was conducted by the AHT GROUP AG (Funder: KfW)

2019 - Country

Technical assistance and methodological inputs to the design and implementation of a knowledge system for public policy mapping in Cambodia for the DFAT-funded Polonk Chomes: Data and Dialogues for Development in Cambodia project (Funder: DFAT)

Led a team of international and national consultants to conduct a mid-term evaluation of the DFAT-funded Strategic Partnership on Sub-national Governance Program in Nepal (Funder: DFAT)

2019 - Country

Leading the monitoring and learning work of the policy engagement workstream of DFID’s Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disaster (BRACED) programme and led the production of a case study on the programme policy influence in Nepal (Funder: FCDO)

2018/19 - Country

Contributions to the Support to Indonesia’s Climate Change Response – Technical Advice Component Project with funding from EU and implemented by GIZ, SNV and AHT GROUP AG (Funder: EU)

2018/20 - Country

Leading the monitoring and learning work of the policy engagement workstream of DFID’s Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disaster (BRACED) programme (Funder: FCDO)

Strategic advice and participation in the steering committee of Master Card Foundation’s Learning Partnership of the Youth Forward Initiative in Ghana and Uganda which is implemented by ODI, PDA Ghana and DRT Uganda (Funder FCDO)

Lead researcher to conduct an analysis across ten stories of change produced by Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation’s Performing and Responsive Social Sciences project (PERFORM) project in Serbia and Albania (Funder: SDC)

2018 - Country

Research and co-production of a discussion paper with the title “State Capability, Policymaking, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Why knowledge systems matter” (Funder: Helvetas)

2018 - Country

Lead researcher for the production of a discussion paper about the experimental approach and meaning of ‘impact’ of the data innovation lab Pulse Lab Jakarta (Funder DFAT)

2018 - Country

Team leader of a problem-driven political economy analysis of the security and justice sector in Honduras for the Unidos por la Justicia project (Funder: USAID)