Policy researchers have to be out there

Books. Photo: Arnaldo Pellini

The Knowledge Sector Initiative in Indonesia we have started a Knowledge Sector Interview series. Through this series the Knowledge Sector Initiative is meeting policy makers, policy researchers, intellectuals, and development practitioners to ask them about their perspectives and personal experiences with knowledge-to-policy processes and evidence-informed policy-making in Indonesia. Interviews will be published monthly.

The first interview with former minister Mari Pangestu has just been published:

\’Mari Pangestu is not your typical policymaker. A seasoned minister who has served at the helm of both the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Mari carved out a career as a no nonsense policymaker who favored facts and figures over political ties and rhetoric. Mari has used her background in academia, hard work, and her unflagging curiosity to develop her approach to policy making. Her path as a policymaker hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been clear………

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