What we do


Research and Analysis

We bring the best of applied political economy analysis and systems thinking to original and secondary research. We collaborate with government agencies, development agencies and funders, programmes, and policy research organisations to generate the evidence that can help inform programming decisions, strategy and portfolio designs.

We carry out research analysis with local partners and apply the principles of sectoral and problem-driven political economy analysis, systems thinking, and Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation.

Strategy Design

We work with our partners and clients to design strategies and portfolios of work that are evidence-based and adapted to the contexts, systems, and complex development challenges that they try to influence. The focus of support is local problems that are debated, defined and refined by local people in an ongoing process. We partner and collaborate with local conveners who mobilise those with a stake in progress to tackle common problems and introduce relevant change. We apply a problem-driven programme and project design and blend planning and implementation through rapid cycles of planning, action, reflection, learning generation, and decisions to adapt activities and portfolios of work.


Monitoring and Learning Systems Design

Adaptive approaches to addressing complex development challenges require monitoring and learning systems that generate and reward the learning and adaptation that are important for contributing to outcomes. At the same time, any such systems need to provide acceptable evidence that implementation is ‘on track and that the implementing teams are applying the agreed approach to a high standard of quality.

We work with our partners and clients to design Monitoring and Learning Systems that intentionally and explicitly put learning at the centre and have the right processes in place to inform strategic decisions and adaptation and provide the accountability evidence required by funders. We apply the principles of developmental evaluation and support our clients with the identification and tailoring of tools that can support their monitoring and learning needs and the development of a learning mindset across programme teams.



Tools and processes

We collaborate and support our partners and clients by advising about the process and tools that can help their strategy design, implementation and learning. We assist them through mentoring support, as learning partners, and through the facilitation of structured conversations, and reflections, as well as the design of tailored processes and tools.

Problem-driven political economy analysis

Problem-driven project design

Problem-driven evaluation

Portfolio design

Portfolio sensemaking

Outcome harvesting