One year on Demand4Evidence

I just wanted to thank you all for following this blog. I continue to work in Indonesia at the Knowledge Sector Initiative. I continue also to be the  the ODI RAPID team member based full time in Jakarta. The highlight of the year for me has been the online course on PDIA set up by the team of the Building State Capability at Harvard.  It was a great idea to set up this free online course to push a bit more the message about PDIA across the development sector trying to reach people like me who kind of felt instinctively that things have to be done a bit differently for projects and programs to succeed but we did not have an intellectual framework to organise the ideas and gut feelings. Now we have, and one thing I will do in the new year is to share the key messages of the course with the colleagues of the KSI team in Jakarta.

Working in Jakarta in the KSI continues to remain a great learning. It is a unique project, one which attempts to identify first the problems that reduce the influence of research and evidence in policy making in Indonesia and then tries to develop solutions with its partners. The project has ups and downs, and I think that is the price to pay for an innovative and ground breaking project.  Failures are part of the process but it is not easy to embrace failures. We all want to see results  while we work on solutions.

In the meantime I will continue to post and cross-post about evidence, policy making, development, governance, and building state capability.  Thank you for following the blog  and pls continue to comment and post suggestions. See  you in 2016!


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