Kanban: two simple rules to manage knowledge work

1) Limit your work-in-progress and 2) Visualise your work; these are the two simple rules that are suggested in a very enjoyable book I recently read by Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry entitled Personal Kanban: Mapping Work / Navigating Life. When I first came across the book, I found the second part of the title a bit too similar to that of the many books blossoming in the ever-growing, self-help section of airport bookstores. However, after having read further I changed my mind and actually found it thoroughly engaging. In the end I found myself thinking about how best I could apply what I was reading to my work and, I have to admit, to my life .

Read the article in Evidence-based Policy in Development Network (ebpdn) Newsletter N.2, August 2011. Here >

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