Searching for Indonesia’s Amartya Sen

Together with my colleagues Zack Petersen we have written down some thoughts about  researchers and the future of research and development in Indonesia. Our article has been published by the Jakarta Globe last week:

Commentary: Searching for Indonesia’s Amartya Sen

\’Indonesia’s ability to compete at a global level when it comes to research and development depends on the quality of the next generation researchers graduating from Indonesian universities and the support they receive upon graduation from the Indonesian government and in their respective careers.

The Indonesian government is taking great strides to embrace more evidence-based policy making geared towards research and development. However, despite taking efforts to implement such policies, they will garner little roots unless three key mechanisms are put in place: first, universities will have to commit to higher standards of education and equip students with the research skills required to provide public institutions with high quality research; second, there must be an increase in expenditure geared towards research and development; lastly, Indonesia must commit to attracting and retaining a greater number of policy researchers so that Indonesia, too, will one day produce it’s own Amartya Sen − an Indian economist and philosopher who was awarded the Nobel Prize for economics in 1998……\’

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