Podcast – Bridging education research with policy and practice. In conversation with Prof. Elina Lehtomäki of the University of Oulu

Every year I travel a couple of times north to the city of Oulu to give a class on development theories to the master students at the Faculty of Education at the University. The master course is part of the work of the interdisciplinary research group called Education, Diversity, Globalisation and Ethics. The group examines themes around development education and sustainable development goals and processes, ethical intercultural collaboration, epistemological pluralism, cross-cultural dialogue and research-based (teacher) education. The group runs two educational programmes, the 5-year Intercultural Teacher Education and the 2-year Master’s programme Education and Globalisation.

Bridging research in education with public policy and practice, Prof. Elina Lehtomäki.

Professor Elina Lehtomäki leads the group and I caught up with her while I was in Oulu to discuss education policies and international development. We ended up talking about interdisciplinary research, policymaking, complexity and other interrelated topics. Below you can listen to the recording of our conversation. Enjoy.


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