Failed public state? Failed welfare society?

I liked Michelle Obama speech at the Democratic Convention. I found it honest and truthful. Commentators said that she held the people at the Time Warner Arena in Charlotte in the palm of her hand. That can only happen if you speak from the hearth, with your feelings. What surprised me the most was the story of her father who was diagnosed multiple sclerosis, suffered great pain, endured long days of work at a water plant. She remembered how with her brother they were waiting their father coming back from a long day of work, slowly climbing the stairs up to their flat, he never complained, he did what was right to do. The message was that we need to give 110%  and if cannot improve the way we live, the benefits will be there for our children. I thought but what about our life? The life we have and live. The only life we have (depending on beliefs). What about that? Isn\’t the the story of her father a  story of a failed public system? of a failed welfare society? What progress has been achieved in the US since then? Let\’s hope Barack Obama will have a second term.

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