Election day in Indonesia

\"ElectionElection day in Indonesia. 187 million Indonesian can vote today for 19.000 seats in local parliaments and 560 seats in the national parliament (or DPR). 22 million of the voters will vote for the first time. The election are particularly important because the also determine which party will be entitled to present a presidential candidate ahead of the September presidential election. If a party reaches 20% of the seats in the national parliament or 25% of the total vote, it can indicate a presidential candidate. Parties with a long tradition are fairly sure to get the percentage they need to runs also at the presidential election. The current governor of Jakarta, Joko Widodo (or Jokowi), is ahead in most presidential pols. He has a strong popular support. Today\’s election will show how his party,the Indonesian Democratic Party – Struggle (PDI-P) will do and how much it can benefit in local and national election from his candidacy.
No matter what, the fact that Jokowi has raised from the city of Solo to be the governor of Jakarta and the front runner to the next presidential election shows that Indonesia is changing. Local officials who deliver and can show results in improves social services, in establishing a better communication and link with the citizens, are rewarded by the electorate.
A new generation of officials who are genuinely pursuing change and development is emerging and slowly changing politics in Indonesia.


Jakarta, 9/4/2014


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