We are Capability

We are Capability

We are an international multidisciplinary team of development practitioners and organizations that is passionate about supporting and facilitating adaptive approaches to identify locally driven and innovative solutions to complex social development and democratic governance problems.

We use systems thinking, political economy analysis, design, adaptive programming and portfolios of strategic options design, and monitoring, learning and evaluation systems for adaptive management. Learn more.


The challenge

Genuine social development and democratic governance progress is complex, uncertain, and involves changing how policy and decision-making systems work. As David Booth noted, development initiatives can struggle to change the way governance and policy systems work. Change is a slow and steady process that may not fit the set time frame often imposed on development programmes. Time is required to learn about the politics and the systems and identify the spaces where change can happen.

The politics and complexity of social development and democratic governance change require new approaches to programme design, planning, and implementation. It requires designing portfolios of strategic activities that attempt to change the system at multiple points and help learn to dance with the system. It involves an adaptive and flexible plan to spot and stop what does not work and scale what works well. It includes the design of monitoring, learning and evaluation systems that, on the one hand, produce and reward the kinds of learning and adaptation that are important for contributing to change. Yet, at the same time, these systems must provide acceptable evidence that implementation is on track. Learn more.


Our partners

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Common Thread

Common Thread is a social and behavioural change company that bridges well-meaning public health plans with actual human behaviour. We design creative, compassionate, and strategic tools to help people make healthier choices.


The Foundation for Development Management is a development consultancy established in Kathmandu (Nepal) that provides advisory services in the areas of policy research, monitoring and evaluation, institutional development and strengthening, strategic planning and policy analysis.


Fortiko is a Finnish think tank and service provider offering science-based solutions for sustainable development pathways, with extensive experience in applied multidisciplinary research, capacity-building, and expertise in climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Dala Institute

Dala Institute is dedicated to elucidating and identifying durable solutions to contemporary issues at the nexus between nature and society. We are a team of highly experienced researchers and consultants who understand that environmental and societal challenges are inseparable. Our core services are social science research, performance and impact evaluations, and technical assistance.


The Sustainable Development Policy Institute is an internationally recognized policy research think tank established in Islamabad (Pakistan). SDPI carries out policy research on inclusive economic growth, governance, climate change, education, health, energy, gender and sustainable livelihood.


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