Basic education clusters: one way to support education in Cambodia

I published in Development and Practice an article I have written with Kurt Bredenberg about the possibilities offered by basic school clusters in Cambodia. Here is the title, citation and the abstract.

Basic education clusters in Cambodia: looking at the future while learning from the past

Development in Practice, Volume 25, Issue 3, 2015,pages 419-432

School clusters have been adopted as an education policy by most Asian countries since the 1960s. In Cambodia, primary schools have been organised in clusters since 1993. Clusters were considered a mechanism for quality improvements of education and a way to facilitate sharing and interaction between schools. Primary school clusters have been partially successful. Today there is a growing interest among Cambodian policymakers for integrating primary schools (Grades 1–6) and lower secondary schools (Grades 7–9). This article provides a policy suggestion by arguing for extending the cluster mechanism to these integrated basic education schools with all grades from 1 to 9.

Link to the journal here

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